yupster parenting

hip gen X-er author adam sternbergh, writes a hip piece, about hipster, -er yupster parents and the tastes that define them. -and gets it pretty much to a "T" -and makes me glad i'm too young to fit into his definition. (gen Y, baby!)

As a result, says Hirschorn, “some of the older parents I know who have teenagers claim that there’s no generation gap anymore. They say they get along perfectly with their kids. They listen to the same music. To me, that seems somewhat laughable. But I do remember when I was young, trying to explain the Beatles to my dad, and he didn’t even know who they were. I don’t think that’s possible today.

new york metro article its worth checking out just for the photo shoot. via daddytypes


Kristal said...

I'm not sure how to take this article. I can

(1) Laugh because they're talking about my boyfriend's age group, only he (thank god) doesn't have kids

(2) Laugh because it's kinda how I picture the rest of my life, only without the expensive electronic widgets and the $600 status symbol jeans.

(3) Wonder if all the author's references to "when I was 22" mean that I actually *am* going to grow up and become a "suit" and just can't tell yet.

(4) Wonder were the hell all these people are getting these great jobs that allow them to buy $600 rockstar jeans *and* actually wear them to the office!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get past the first page of that story.
And even if it drips of truth, it still makes me sick.
And though I am proudly a manny, own a seer-sucker suit and Chuck Taylor converse and gladly strap on my babybjorn.....I am still my own loser self and proud I do not fit the definition of these pole-smoking yupsters.
I wear Costco-purchased Levi's, I still listen to CSNY and my idea of a good time is working in my yard with a joint or beer and a ball game on the radio while I occasionally scratch my unshaven ass or nuts.
Neanderthals unite! Amen.