fetus in fetu

ever heard of fetus in fetu? me neither until a discussion with sb reader kristal. turns out, it is a case of a parasitic twin living inside a baby

might be one of the craziest things i've ever heard of.

see also the wikipedia article


freezio said...

The sister of a good friend of mine discovered when she was I think something like 26 that she actually had her twin embedded in her body for her entire life up to that point. Apparently, when this occurs the twin never gets to actually develop, and is just a ball of tissue with some hair, fingernails, and bones. I think she was seeing the doctor for something like indigestion or something when the discovery was made.

jess said...

crazy that it can be in there for 26 years before finding out


imagine finding a lump inside you with humanoid traits. or thinking you have a tumor only to find out it is a tumor with fingernails.

The Queen Mama said...

I think Discovery Health Channel had the show about this that Hubby and I once watched with our mouths agape. For a whole hour.