i found the best sitter!

one of my mom friends offered to watch royce in our house.

after the trauma we all experienced from his visits to the latina daycare lady with six kids (why did i think that was a good idea?) i decided this was a much better option.

it went great! like better than i could possibly imagine great.

she had them for the whole day. they napped together (that's them in the photo). she layed down with both of them for naptime. the boy was happy and even when he wasn't it was not any kind of major crisis like in his earlier babysitting situations.

i am so happy to find something good for me, royce, the sitter, and her baby all at once. it is good for the sitter because she just lost her place, is having a miserable time keeping a job b/c she wants to stay with her baby, and is now living at her mom's in a house full of fragile glass curios that she is constantly keeping her son away from. so how perfect, right. don't you love that feeling of finally getting a good fit after a struggle?


what's the best for you?

good to see that mr. nice guy is in a similar (but 100000 times more dramatic) situation when it comes to childcare.

i swear, if you aren't looking for M-F help, but are looking for a dependable schedule, it is freakin' hard to set something up. doubly hard if you want it to be a good match for your kid.