am i crazy? did he roll over? or is it both?

The B rolled over for the first time yesterday, and we are all very happy for him.

when you spend all day with a non-verbal being, your first reaction isn't "wow, he just hit a developmental milestone (its about time)" its "did i just see that? did i help him? i must be imagining things!"

it took until he did it again for me to believe it, isn't that weird?


yupster parenting

hip gen X-er author adam sternbergh, writes a hip piece, about hipster, -er yupster parents and the tastes that define them. -and gets it pretty much to a "T" -and makes me glad i'm too young to fit into his definition. (gen Y, baby!)

As a result, says Hirschorn, “some of the older parents I know who have teenagers claim that there’s no generation gap anymore. They say they get along perfectly with their kids. They listen to the same music. To me, that seems somewhat laughable. But I do remember when I was young, trying to explain the Beatles to my dad, and he didn’t even know who they were. I don’t think that’s possible today.

new york metro article its worth checking out just for the photo shoot. via daddytypes


the mommy and me photoshoot

Originally uploaded by lokepuf.
the photos are going up, you can see them here

to the pointy hook in my husband's car: an open letter

dear pointy hook,

why do you continually poke my infant son in the head and make him cry? and why do you allude to the convenience you offer by existing? oh sure, someone could put hangers on you, someone who wears suits instead of pajamas like me.

and why is it that your design suggests that you can be removed? clearly you can't, or i would have succeeded in doing it by now.

so, pointy hook, let's call a truce. b/c we all know you win. if you like the sweetest boy, and the smiles he gives in your direction in spite of the harm you have done to his developing brain, please try to avoid his fontanel.

the sweetest mom


mommy and me report

did i tell you all that i religiously go to mommy and me each week?

well, this week sb reader kristal (and photography buddy) and i talked to the class about shooting babies' portraits.

oh yeah, and we did one other thing too. we shot every. single. mom. and. baby. who attended class that day. which of course happened to be double the amount of people there are usually in class.

i am putting the photos up on flickr in a few days. i am pretty happy with them


american inventor "tizzy tube"

used to isolate only children even further and protect siblings as they careen into each other blindly, sb reader nym alerted me to the tizzy tube segment on the first episode of american inventor.

note: blogger's photo upload is working not so good. photo to come later


fetus in fetu

ever heard of fetus in fetu? me neither until a discussion with sb reader kristal. turns out, it is a case of a parasitic twin living inside a baby

might be one of the craziest things i've ever heard of.

see also the wikipedia article


are you going to my sex party?

this terrible composition is what the manny and i have been singing to the B lately"

will you go to my sex party?
will you come at my sex party?

they'll be girls at my sex party
not like last time at my sex party

there'll be lube at my sex party
ass and boob at my sex party

no regrets at my sex party
please no pets at my sex party

what are we going to do when he starts talking??

baby rapz

multi-talented as she is, Girl's Gone Child put out the GGC rapz complete with illustrated links for each line. it makes for click-happy entertainment

last week it was the crib(z)! this week the rapz, i am loving it!

(and no, this has nothing to do with the fact that the sweetest boy listens to KDAY commercial hip-hop station every day, ok, actually, it has a lot to do with it...)

organic infant formula!

touted as being"produced without the use of antibiotics, no genetically engineered ingredients and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, Hain's" organic infant formula will be hitting the shelves.

which leads me to wonder, does the current, non-organic formula use GMO ingredients? i mean, that's a lot different than making sure thee cow's food came from a charming organic ranch in utah...

note: i guess there is actually an organic infant formula on the market under the name of baby's only



bad mommy club

i confess, i forgot to feed boy after coming home from a trip running errands. when i went online just to *see* how bad i really was, i stumled upon this excellent website, bad mommy club

the list is chock full o' confessions of the selfish and ignorant organized by category- a few of my favorites:

-Last night...she had 4 popsicles and no dinner.
-Taught our child how to turn on the TV at the tender age of 10 months.
-I tell her that our TV doesn't get Barney
-I used to play "Poke the Foot" with her for as long as she'd play in utero.
-I tell my daughter "I'm working" when I'm really posting on the bulletin boards.


an apple-ogy

Though you hurt me, I still love you.
I appleogize for waking the boy, taking a dump and irritating my love.
I hope you had a better afternoon.
I will try and die like you told me to.

the manny's words after he messed up pretty bad at lunchtime. i have had to suffer with an irritable boy all afternoon b/c of his boneheadedness, but his email makes me laugh every time.


men's right to choose?

If a pregnant woman can choose among abortion, adoption or raising a child, a man involved in an unintended pregnancy should have the choice of declining the financial responsibilities of fatherhood. The activists involved hope to spark discussion even if they lose.

that is the gist of the argument for men's rights according to a new suit being brought to the district court in michigan

its a good question even though the case will undoubtedly lose: if a man is assured by his partner that she has a physical condition that prevents her from getting pregnant (as in this case), does that somehow exempt the man from paying child support? if a man was not intending to pass along genetic material (as in this case) is he exempt?

note: these questions brought up by the case are much different than just getting out of a regular-old accidental pregnancy. but supposing that it won, it would get men off the hook from that, too. hmmmm.

more details on the case via yahoo news and the national center for men


Infantile- well named tshirt company

GGC directed me to where to get the shirt with the gold chains and some other cool stuff like the "super diaper tee" from infantile

your child + 10,000 = fine art

famous photographer william wegman is auctioning off a shoot of your baby (estimated 10,000-15,000) note: there might be a weimeraner or two involved. pretty cool idea, to commission a piece of fine art that just happens to include your child.

phillips de pury charity auciton via daddytypes


danger! shopping carts

a baby and her infant seat tipped over off the cart at trader joes tonight while her parents were checking out. somebody caught it before a real catastrophe struck, but still, i was really troubled by the whole thing.

me: if that happened to the sweetest boy, i would just shit out my entire insides, organs and all, right there on the floor of trader joes.

the manny: i would say we better get started making a new one and proceed to take off my pants

i mean, why don't the car seats really fasten to the carts instead of just resting on top? i have a graco snugride, read, the most common manufacturer of these things, and even mine does not connect safely to the top of a cart. instead a top heavy baby seat rests tenuously atop a rickety cart. it is a recepie for disaster!

i googled this problem, and only came up with one relevant hit.

i wonder, is this a common occurence?


profound mommyblogging

an awesome post by Blog antagonist

It's all right here in front of me right now. This is what its all about. These kids are happy. They will grow up knowing they are somebody's sun and moon. They will bloom because they had everything they needed to nourish them heart and soul. They will know, now and forever, that they can do anything...Self-confidence. Check. Autonomy. Check.

I have been given a very short time in which I get to play the female lead in the lives of my boys. One day very soon it will be that cute girl with the dimples who sits next to him in class. Then it will be the one that takes his virginity, the one that bears him a child, the one with whom he chooses to grow old. My time is almost up, and I intend to make every moment count...Serial Killer avoidance protocol. Check.


yo! baby cribs

dressed in a black tee adorned with (silkscreened) gold chains little archer sage shows us his crib

First of all, dis my favorite place to chill....And lastly, the most important part of my crib would probably have to be MY CRIB.

you'll have to go to Girls gone child to read everything in between

and could somebody tell me where that tshirt came from?


more on mommyblogging

some non-moms enjoy disuading themselves from having kids by reading mommy blogs

the B began making raspberries today with his lips. it warmed my heart to hear him acquire a sound that gave him so much delight.

cliche? yes says blogging baby's report on the dialoge from the most recent blogher conference. the value of a mommyblog is to not feel isolated by all the challenges pf parenthood. either that or to convince yourself that everone cares about the exact sleep patterns of their child over 24 months.

parenting behind bars

a few states have alternative sentancing to keep mom and baby together.
details are here

making childbirth even more fun

female inmates in most states are kept shackled during labor and delivery.

as if they've picked that time to escape, right?

and why is she not breastfeeding? how long does an inmate mother keep her infant for? deserves looking into

nyt via blogging baby


a few things about blogging baby

blogging baby left a bad taste in my mouth yesterday from the comments i recieved from a comment i left.

it all began with a post from brian seriously acknowledging the plight of the GTWD: a sensitive involved father who wants to be equally involved yet also is responsible for bringing home the bacon.

I wish I could find words to tell you how incredible Miles is....if you knew these things, you'd know that it is not easy going to work every day, knowing that I might not see him, not even once, awake, smiling, pointing, walking like frankenstein.

basically, i listed a few of the things the manny personally misses out on by being a GTWD (go to work dad)
-car trips alone
-used a public changing table
-does not intuit the boys cries as well as me

ok, maybe some better examples would have been that he has never been there for any of his physicals (after his initial leave) never seen the sweetest boy get a shot. but the commenters basically ripped the manny a new one- saying he is not as involved as he could be.

it just is not possible. there are not enough hours in the day to be a full time employee and a full time dad. the manny's job is less demanding than most (he can only work 40hrs/wk) but still, he is gone for those forty hours that i am alone with boy. and i feel bad for him that he has not gotten to experience everything that i have. and i am jealous (sometimes) that he gets to get away.

[as a side not the commenting feature on blogging baby doesn't work very well. i commented four times and only had one attempt actually make it onto the page. do they choose which comments to post?]