a few things about blogging baby

blogging baby left a bad taste in my mouth yesterday from the comments i recieved from a comment i left.

it all began with a post from brian seriously acknowledging the plight of the GTWD: a sensitive involved father who wants to be equally involved yet also is responsible for bringing home the bacon.

I wish I could find words to tell you how incredible Miles is....if you knew these things, you'd know that it is not easy going to work every day, knowing that I might not see him, not even once, awake, smiling, pointing, walking like frankenstein.

basically, i listed a few of the things the manny personally misses out on by being a GTWD (go to work dad)
-car trips alone
-used a public changing table
-does not intuit the boys cries as well as me

ok, maybe some better examples would have been that he has never been there for any of his physicals (after his initial leave) never seen the sweetest boy get a shot. but the commenters basically ripped the manny a new one- saying he is not as involved as he could be.

it just is not possible. there are not enough hours in the day to be a full time employee and a full time dad. the manny's job is less demanding than most (he can only work 40hrs/wk) but still, he is gone for those forty hours that i am alone with boy. and i feel bad for him that he has not gotten to experience everything that i have. and i am jealous (sometimes) that he gets to get away.

[as a side not the commenting feature on blogging baby doesn't work very well. i commented four times and only had one attempt actually make it onto the page. do they choose which comments to post?]


Granny said...

I'm sorry that happened. Too much to cover in a brief comment.

Their comment thingie is automated and doesn't always work. Sometimes it will enter the same comment twice.

They've lost a couple of mine too.

Granny said...

I just lost another comment. I went back to the email, clicked again and it went through. It seems to happen when two come in at once. Just a guess.