danger! shopping carts

a baby and her infant seat tipped over off the cart at trader joes tonight while her parents were checking out. somebody caught it before a real catastrophe struck, but still, i was really troubled by the whole thing.

me: if that happened to the sweetest boy, i would just shit out my entire insides, organs and all, right there on the floor of trader joes.

the manny: i would say we better get started making a new one and proceed to take off my pants

i mean, why don't the car seats really fasten to the carts instead of just resting on top? i have a graco snugride, read, the most common manufacturer of these things, and even mine does not connect safely to the top of a cart. instead a top heavy baby seat rests tenuously atop a rickety cart. it is a recepie for disaster!

i googled this problem, and only came up with one relevant hit.

i wonder, is this a common occurence?

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