me and the boy

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here we are- i am trying to get this photo into my profile. Photo by Kristal Burtrum

the manny

you will hear me refer to the manny- a male nanny- and also what my husband refers to himself as when he cares for the boy. via daddytypes
the manny faq


a hard choice

this is a really thought provoking, and slightly squeamish article out yesterday from the la times

if you must know

yes, i own a bugaboo. think what you will

what's the deal?

how come i can't find a single mommy blog that doesn't blather on? im so tired of reading about how everyone asked the new mom about her baby's cloth diapers, how breastfeeding turns out to really be best, and sadly, the hordes of botched birth stories published online. please!

it seems like the only parenting blogs published with any mental acuity are the daddy blogs: daddytypes, mr nice guy, sweetjuniper, bloggingbaby??? these blogs are so, so good about dealing with little ones, humor, and unrelated art, culture, and design info.

strangely enough, there is so much more info on the web for female primary caretakers. but it seems the underrepresented men parents have taken the genre to a whole new and interesting level.

sweetest boy

...one of the few, er, many nicknames we have for our three month old. This week i have taken to calling him "B". He is also known as Boy, the little bundle, the sweet thing, and his real name, Royce. What nicknames do some other people have for their little ones?