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today i arranged to give a talk to my mommy and me class about taking good photos of babies. i am not doing it until march but here are the highlights:

-keep baby large in frame, not dwarfed by some adult sized object.
-avoid using your camera's flash, it will ruin the cutest picture
-keep baby in shade if outdoors, we like to see baby's eyes open not squinting
-have people look at each other, not at camera
-try using backgrounds by taping a solid sheet to the wall.
-use humor
-shoot body parts, the dont stay small for long!

to see examples of shots of the sweetest boy from this month, shot by my buddy kristal and i, follow the link at the bottom, or the link on the side, "sweetest boy pics".

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Harry Browneye said...

I love my boy. Kristal took an excellent photo. I'm glad my wife learned to take photos from her. She has much to teach her.