EC or early potty training

There are times when i have considered putting the kid over the toilet for a number of reasons: cost, environment, a closer communication with the sweetest boy. even though i imagine it would be difficult, some authors swear by it

but i am happy to hear some pediatrician be skeptical of the practice, saying that the same thing can be accomplished by letting the kid run bare-assed in the yard. basically, that nobody loses the desire over time to exist in wet and smelly pants.

who knows? i may still try to catch a poo while the sweetest boy is at the optimum age.

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Kristal said...

Actually... not *everyone* loses their desire to run around in wet stinky diapers. http://www.dpf.com/
(Note: not for the squeamish or sexually repressed)

Jess -- you don't have to post this comment if you don't want to. :-D