new feature: parentblogging

i have been kicking around the idea of turning this into a blog about blogging about parentblogging

very post-modern, i know, but 10,000 blogs about kids and parenting are estimated to be created every day.

besides, what do bloggers like better than to explore their purpose on this planet? other than mucophagy, of course


The Laundress said...

Well hello there Jess,

New visitor here.

Wow, you got me from hello.

ep, there is something pretty repugnant yet irrepressible about all of this parent-blogging. Guilty, shamefacedly guilty.

Shoot, I had such good intentions. Um, was intending to supplant Consumer Reports, for the greenish New Urbanists? Went to hell in a handbasket. My kid got sickly and I got wanky.

Will read on... thanks for so far...

jess said...

thanks for your comment, laundress. i don't think i'm smart enough to get the whole thing. are yo utalking about you or me with consumer reports and the new urbanists? i don't know.

but im glad you like my blog, see the humor in blogging about blogging, and i agree that it can be repugnant and irrepressable- well put!

hope you keep enjoying the site
sweetest mom