target and toddlers

Gather up your purse, be sure to add a sippy cup, snacks, toys, blankey,binkie and the "Floppy" for when your kid will never agree to sit in the seat. Fight your child again as he's taken off all of his clothes this time. Go out to the car, try to push his rigid body down into the carseat

so goes a segment from target and toddlers: a primer

i think it is amazing that a sling has made all my shopping experiences pleasant ones (so far). just today, the sweetest boy's parents took him shopping all day and it was easy.

how bourgeois via blogging baby

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Lauren said...

Hi Jess! Thanks for linking to the post! Yes! I used to love it when I could sling Noah at Target. It was really nice. The only thing..he was almost 20lbs. by 5 months. It got heavy! Hey, maybe you would know..I've been searching around for the most comfortable hip-sling. Any suggestions? I tried to make my own wrap which was kind of neat. I can use it to carry Noah on my hip, back, front. I worry my seams will rip apart at any moment! I should have sewed it better. Thanks again!!