lactivism merchandise: it's nipple lickin' good

clever, appealing, repulsive, in your face, lovable, all depending on your orientation: the lactivist offers bibs, tees and onesies with some interesting slogans. to name a few:

open mouth insert nipple
eat at moms
boob man
i'm no weaner


The Queen Mama said...

Wow! That would certainly elicit some raised eyebrows, wouldn't it?

I was never very successful at the whole BF thing, but I admire women who are. It is NOT EASY.

Just wanted to say thanks for coming by my blog! I always take a look through a new commenter's blog (at least, I didn't recall you commenting previously), and was flattered to see an entire post dedicated to little old me! *blushes*

I'm glad you've found something in the content worth coming back for.

The Queen Mama said...

Hi. Was going to leave you a comment, but apparently, your comment moderation is enabled? It wouldn't let me leave a comment.

I'll try another time!

jess said...

just figured out how to turn off moderation. im two months into this blogging thing and still getting the hang of blogger's features

QM- i've seen you *gush* your love for blogger. so im sure you remember what it was like learning html on the fly

jess said...

...and thanks. i have enjoyed your blog for a while. you are a very good writer