fake domestic dispute

my case for the validity of my blog today went something like this:

sweetest mom:(wiping boy's ass, while being accused of doing nothing) hey its not like im blogging right now!

the manny:but you will be

sweetest mom:yeah, blogging about this. why don't we just talk shit to each other in the comments section of my blog?

the manny:i'll ask you why you didn't put away the laundry today

sweetest mom:and i'll say i folded it, even though you can't tell (gestures to a crib full of blankets and laundry)

i am awaiting the manny's witty rhetort. he is a writer professionally, so i am in all kinds of trouble now

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Beeter Senseless said...

Please contact us if this "manny" character becomes aggressive or gets physical with you:

Domestic Services
P.O. Box 5364
Pomona, CA 91760