night weaning: well slept baby and mama

Sleeping Baby
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the boy has slept alll night in his own room, in his own bed, without boob in his mouth nad i have never been so grateful for anything in my entire life. i was scared to post about it until i was sure it would stick. but it is, and it has, and we never had to make him cry it out.

the formula for success turned out to be:

-a stomach flu which prevented me from putting him down at the breast for a night and made me lose my milk for a few days (it came back, don't worry!)
-changing his routine dramitically during the day to totally mess him up
-reading him stories until he fell asleep in his bed
-and now, just pretending like we are asleep in the same room

it is the best thing ever. thank you to the readers who sent their support during one of the longest, hardest periods of my entire life.


Michelle said...

I am SO glad that it worked out for you! It must be such a relief.
We've been having problems with our little man now since he started to get his first tooth. So I may need to use your formula for success down the road.
I hope you are feeling better.

jess said...

thanks so much, me too!

i feel like i have won the first of many battles...

nym said...

much love jess. funny the kinds of things that really try us aren't the things that make movies, huh?

ninepounddictator said...


(And I hope you're feeling better!)

Manny said...

It looks like the manny's ideas and support made all this possible.