baby sign language

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...she has some encouraging success stories, like the one about the mother who went into her crying 13-month-old at night and the child signed that she was scared. A car alarm was blaring outside and when the window was closed the child went back to sleep....

says the reuters article today.

Almost enough anecdotal motivation to get me to take a sign language class with the B

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Michelle said...

It seems like "everyone is doing it" right now. I am thinking about teaching my little man just some basic signs, but I don't even know any to start with. It seems really helpful to a lot of moms I know

Writer Chica said...

I tried a few signs with Toddler but he wasn't interested. That or I just didn't have the patience. I'm always so impressed to see babies able to communicate with sign language. If you try it, let us know how it goes.