getting paid to blog?

one of the major downsides to being a SAHM, ive decided, is that you don't get to blog on the company dime. i post on my own time. working stiffs get paid while doing it. until now, bwa ha ha...

i am sitting in the imaging office of the local/regional newspaper and makig a few (well, very few, let's be honest) bucks right now. bwa ha ha HA!

for the next few weeks i am doing work for them from 6-11 at night. perfect hours for an attachment parenting mama. i only miss two hours in the evening with the B and it is totally novel.

i have come to terms with the fact that i really love doing what i do (being a photographer and working in the visual media) and am unwilling to give it up entirely. Maybe tomorrow night i will tell more about my experience finding a sitter for the B


The Queen Mama said...

Congrats on the new gig! It is soooo hard to find ways to balance work and mama-dom.

jess said...

no kiddin'

it seems almost impossible unless you really love what you do