nap weaning?

can i just say, these crazy alphabet cards bring me back, and i have been amused by them for almost a day now. thanks to daddytypes for turning me on to them.

in other sweetest boy news: i have been trying to get the boy to sleep better during the day now. he has gotten used to sleeping with my boob in his mouth. (sound familiar?) it doesn't sound bad, but it gets really hard to just lay there for hours on end so that your kid can sleep. the worst part is, because that is what he is used to, he gets especially upset when i am not there for his naptimes. i am tackling this battle once again, wish me luck!

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Michelle said...

We're going through the same thing too. Our little punk used to only go to sleep while he was nursing, so i have made a point to put him down for nap without nursing him and even if he cries for a minutes, he falls asleep. Good luck!!