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mr. nice guy had it out with a columnist writing generalities aboutthe kiddie playground in his hometown of Park Slope, Brooklyn. (hey, isn't that every parent's hometown who works within 100 miles of there? but i digress.) The following is an excerpt of Sohn's texxt and Mr. Nice Guy's reply.

amy sohn (snarky columnist): I suspect it is the husbands who discourage them from working. Because it's the social equivalent of taking Viagra. "What does your wife do for a living?" asks Jeff, the squash partner at the Racquet Club. "Oh, she's at home with our son," says Michael, and then boasts.

mr. nice guy (snarky blogger): dude. the next time i talk to my squash partner Jeff at the Racquet Club i am totally going to try this line because it's like Viagra ... and ... i really want ... to fuck him.

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