what a sweet weekend!

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a burning man regional event and mother's day!- who could ask for more?

thanks to nym for getting me out of the house

thanks to the manny for watching the sweetest boy for 30 hours straight

thanks to my breastpump for holding up under extreme heat, wind, and sand.

thanks to my camera for taking awesome photos (like this one)

note: thanks to sb reader mama cha for asking about the context of this crazy photograph. my buddy nym writes a blog about cyborgs, robotics, and other electronic goodies that people wear to theoretically enhance their lives. the legs in the forground belong to a cyborg statue. we did a whole love/hate shoot of him with the cyborg.


Heather said...

I've been to burning man, and know how crazy intense it can be. Amazing you got to share in it after just having had a baby!

MaMa_Cha said...
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Her Bad Mother said...

Another great photo!

And, ditto Heather on getting to Burning Man after having a baby! I had a hard time getting to the park...

ninepounddictator said...

can i make a request? Can you tell me more about your nice little suburb in LA?
Hey, are you allowed to make requests on blogs?
I'm fascinated with suburban LA...(I think it mostly has to do with Curb your Enthusiasm...you watch?)

Jezer said...

Just popped over --great photography. Also, I will be reading your archives for night weaning suggestions...that time will soon be upon us.

Oh, and I used to spend some time over near LA--had a boyfriend there, but quickly found that I loved California more than I loved him. Unfortunately, I haven't been back in quite some time.

Annnnyway..thanks for visiting me--I'll definitely be back!