my first Q and A! (with an extra helping of links)

rebecca eckler has asked me about suburban LA. turns out we are both big "Curb Your Enthusiasm" fans, and, well, being from canada and all, she is a little far from southern cal in all its glory. here is my response to her:

i live in a suburb of L.A., but it's a good place, not like one of those scary suburbs, not like the ones in neghboring orange county. nope.

I live in suburban LA county, a little different from suburban LA, but my town (Claremont) is known to some as the poor man's westwood (Westwood is a town where a lot of movies and TV series are shot, including "Curb Your Enthusiasm".)

we actually have a little bit of character, a little bit of route 66, a little bit of ghetto, a little bit of academia, a little bit of open space, and a little bit of a music scene. amazing, right?

but don't tell anyone, we are trying to keep it a secret...


Peter yao said...

Claremont is also known as "Clareville" for its idyllic setting (lots of old growth trees, older homes and a walking village commercial area). Like many college towns, you have townies. Once you are a townie, you get to know a fair amount of people. That is why our city motto is: "Yeah, I know that person."

---Peter Yao
Mayor Pro Tem, Claremont

Kristal said...

Your music scene is the Folk Music Center? I'll be right over! Don't leave without me, man!