what i did wrong this week

what i did wrong this week:

-started the B on solids before six months (gasp!)

-let him eat in front of baby einstein (shock!)

-gave him rice cereal mixed with water instead of breast milk (double gasp!)

-let him suck on apple and orange slices (minor cardiac arrest!)

-gave him a taste of our smoothie before remembering that it had yogurt in it (major heart failure!)

and through all of it, he turned out okay, even if we did have a minor scare with constipation


Manny said...

I have trouble with constipation too.
I suggest a thick novel when going to the restroom.

jess said...

to go with your thick poo?

manuel said...

i am the one who clogged the toilet with a log...twice

Kristal said...

Why do you guys have these conversations via your blog when you live right there in the same house?

Just wondering.



jess said...

answer #1) have you seen the taped up notes we leave all over the house for each other too?

answer #2) foreplay

Michelle said...

Don't worry about it! I started my son on solids at 4 months and he has been doing great. I think it just depends on the child.