night weaning part #2

Some of the (good and bad) advice i've gotten about the boy's terrible sleep habits:
-must be teething
-must need to start solids
-must have gas
-must be time to switch to formula
-must let him cry by himself
-must let him cry with the manny
-must stop co-sleeping
-must get him into his crib
-must actually be hungry

phew! everyone's got their $0.2, nobody has to deal with it like I do.

We decided to go with some gentle night weaning, where the manny is responsible for him between 12-6am and not to get me unless it is a crisis. He is getting tricked by the boy that he actually needs to eat. So he is bringing him into the guest room (where i am hiding out) which makes it so much worse because then the B can smell me and see me.

I am scared we are teaching him to cry to eat at night instead of eliminating feedings. i am scared that it is unfair for the manny to have this responsibility even though he knows he has to get up in the morning and go to work.

Last night was just a rough night. The good news is that the first two nights, he didn't do more than stir, snuggle with daddy and fall back asleeep.


Kristal said...

I forgot all about that picture!

Remember when you couldn't even get him to wake up for a photo shoot? :-)

jess said...

yes! now i can't get him to stay asleep!

Kristal said...

Just found this amuzing bit online:


Are you ready to have kids? Smear peanut butter all over your walls. Then run your muddy hands along the drapes. Drop a fish stick behind the sofa and leave it there for an entire summer. Still keeping your cool?


Kristal said...

Wait -- that link didn't work. Try this: http://tinyurl.com/epkqd