night weaning

written in recent email to my doula:

ok. i admit. i have been really relaxed about putting the boy down to bed and naps. (want a breast? sure! pacifier? no problem!) and i have pretty much thought all the advice about getting those things out of his mouth as he's falling asleep was a bunch of malarkey. i mean, why not give him what he wants?

well, i think i'm paying the price now. the boy was up every 45 minutes ALL of last night. not up exactly, but crying and looking for boob and won't even accept the pacifier, only the breast. the past week or so hasn't been much better. last night was so bad that every time i got up i was cursing like a sailor, and the last hour i just straight refused to feed him and left boomer to console a hungry( hungry? how could he be he'd been gorging himself all night?) baby.

is this my doing? how do i undo it? do i just wait it out? does it have to do with starting solids? is this a clue that it's time to practice night weaning? (when boomer takes the boy, and lets him cry, but stays with him and consoles him minus the breast all night) what's the best (and kindest to mom and baby) thing to do?

looks like we're in for a rough spot with the whole night nursing thing.

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The Queen Mama said...

Could it be a growth spurt, maybe?